The study investigated effects of insurgency on educational development in Borno State. Basic education is the first level of education for children at primary 1 level to basic 9 which is the junior secondary school level in Nigeria. However, achieving education for all Nigerian children, Borno state need a secured teaching and learning environment. The study examined the effect of insurgent activities such as abduction of pupils and attacks on teachers in basic schools of Borno State and its effect to the development of the education in the state. The sample for the study was 270 teachers of basic schools, selected on the basis of 10 teachers from each of the 27 local government area that constitute Borno State. The instrument for data collection was a 20 items questionnaire title: Boko Haram Insurgency and educational development Questionnaires (HIEDQ). Two research questions were formulated, data collected were converted to mean, standard deviation and used to answer the research questions. It was therefore recommended that the Nigerian government should provide security to the state. The government should show higher commitment in mobilizing the armed forces to end the insurgency in the State and provide adequate security in schools. It was further recommended that the religious leaders should preach against violence act in their respective communities.

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