Frequently Asked Questions

To give you the best service online, we have compiled frequently asked questions from our clients, as to answer them and make them comfortable.


How will i get the complete project when i make an order ?

Once your payment is confirmed. You visit primesource.com.ng. After payment, send depositor name, transaction ID (for online payments), bank name, phone number, project topic to +234 706 546 6935 or psource112@gmail.com. After sending your details, a  message notification will be sent to your number or email to confirm your order.

How will my payment be confirmed?

Your details will reflect on our bank statements and alerts from the bank. Name used as Depositors Name for bank deposits will be used to verify and confirm your payment. Online Transfer reflect Account Name of the sender. This will be used to verify and confirm payments made online. Transaction IDs will be used to verify payments made on our secure payment gateways.

How long does it take to get the complete project?

Depending on how fast your payment is acknowledged by us, you will get the complete project within 2-3hours.

How can i trust this site?

We are aware of the fraudulent activities happening on the internet. it is unfortunate. How ever, we wish to reinstate our esteemed clients that we are genuine. Fraudulent sites can/will Never post bank accounts or contact which contains personal information. Free chapter 1 is always given on this site to prove to you that we got the materials. if you are unable to view the free chapter 1 send an email to psource112@gmail.com with the subject head “free chapter 1” plus the topic. you will get a free chapter 1 within an hour.

Is it a complete research project or just  materials?

Yes it is a complete research project. We send complete materials ( chapters 1-5, full reference, questionnaires/secondary data to your email address).